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The Tesoro Obviation

A Cognitive Officer on Glassis: in the background of the photopic, a rare Cyclo munitions carriage.

The Cyclo gun operated by generating and projecting ambient impulses to disrupt field stasis, and was never fully reliable in operational terms. The weapon saw limited deployment during the period of the Tesoro Obviation.

Both man and machine were assigned to the 2265th Provisional, a surface cannonry unit.

848, Year of the Orchard. Voyage of the Karen Eel, year three.

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I have, basically, what I need to survive. And more. 

I am plastic after all.

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Attendant of the Kalkovac Pike Infantry of Court in his royally appointed traditional uniform and armed with an archaic impact gun. This is a rare photo indeed, as the Pike Infantry of Court was largely struck from the Regimental record following the retreat at Byj Moon.

Watching a distant nuclear detonation on Helgani III, late year 621. Voyage of the Taro Lomax, year seven.

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Traffic Hands

Scout-Skirmisher (Constitutive), No. 16 Motorized Reaction CompanyIt is likely that this photo dates from The Minor Anguish, about 805.

Rebellious sentiment ran high amongst amongst the troops of the MRCs preceeding the regiment's split.

Voyage of the Chin Hzang; year eight or nine.

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The Obviation

Radio Stenographer with No.4 Section, Headquarters Company. On Tesoro, during the assault on the Range Sprites.

His base stand and folding array are disposed for the march. The later model leather implement pouch on his belt clearly dates this photo as from the post-reinforcement period of The Obviation.

995, Voyage of the Bedhaven. Year three.

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Late 8oos

Soldier carrying a Man-Portable Field Kitchen, Model 81T. Clearly visible is the collapsable countertop station/utility sink, utensil truss, adjustmant tools, and six-burner diesel stove.

Probably a messman or steward, though his branch of service chevrons are not visible beneath shoulder armor. Late 800s.

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A Hussar-Select in partial breaching armour and requisition pack.
31st Mechanical Hussars, 302nd Wasteland Reconnaissance Regiment.

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The Pulchra

A Wireless Scribe hastens past a partially overgrown automated smokestack: near March Grobbe, Manderase Planet, Subsector R21-E
Circa 965.

As operations wore on here noxious plant life increasingly became a hindrance to the daily tasks of the 302nd Wasteland Reconnaissance. Off-world invasive species piggy-backed with several regiments the Task Force and quickly spread on this verdant world, choking Manderase's four continents with extirpative growth.

This soldier was most likely part of Headquarters Company, 617 Crypsis Rifles.

Voyage of the Pulchra, year thirty-one.

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Circa 903

A Cobbler (Class III) with No. 216 Ancillary Company (Light) in field dress and theater armor advances with bayonet fixed. Probably on Harmanqua, Vistulan Sector; circa 903 during Operation Patantier and the Defense of Ramka.

Of note: the standard issue wooden mallet, nail bag, and type-22 Man-Portable Anvil that clearly denote this soldier's III Class status.

Voyage of the Cable Bone; year thirty-two.