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Talk 11

At full embarkation strength the Regiment numbers 19,640 personnel.

In the background, front view of an Pachy-variant ChMR Armored Transport.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Talk 9

The ships have mostly returned over the years, after some months or years, and the Regiment disembarks more or less as it left, but everyone is older then. At other times the ship has not returned at all, everyone waits and then time passes and they are gone.

But always after some period another enormous freighter arrives from space and sits in orbit over Kalkovac. And then another 302nd Wasteland Reconnaissance Regiment is conscripted and organized, and loaded up and sent to the stars with their equipment.

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Talk 6

It was an easy narrative, and the early citizens dreamed hopeful. They wrote songs about going to the stars to find new enemies and catalogue their lands.

In 579 the Agatha Whetstone returned and brought the Regiment back but they were much older, and changed fundamentally. But in the meanwhile in 544 there was another freighter and another mobilization, and the processes of raising the regiment have become seamless. 

In the last four hundred and sixty years the Regiment has been organized 91 times, and each time sent to join the expeditions.

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Talk 3

We had a king, and he had a king. Orders were issued, recruits gathered and everyone sorted according to participation. The officers drew up manuals and guessed at how best to train the men. That was the first year.

It took two months to board the Agatha Whetstone, an enormous freighter that came to collect us. It sat there in orbit blocking the sun.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Talk 2

We are the 302nd Wasteland Reconnaissance. The regiment was chartered in 539 by edict of the Principality of Kalkovac.

It has been four hundred and sixty years since. Now it is the ninth decade of the nine-hundredth year, nearing the end of the 41st century.

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Monday, November 19, 2012

Voyage of the St. Bambi

A Hydrologist-Inspector (D Class) carries his equipment past a gun tractor on Equalitine, Numm Sector. The Hydrology Corps carry out the important mission of identifying and cataloging water deposits on survey planets.

This soldier is carrying a standard K33 Portable Transfer Station: divining bit, steam pump, and electro-fire box. The satchel at his waist would contain an explorer's journal and colored pencils.

This image dates from 630. Voyage of the St. Bambi, year twenty-four. 

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Planetside on Adestre

Non-Commissioned Geometrist with an Independent Survey Platoon, planetside on Adestre. Attached to his field gear is a standard issue Type 21 iron tripod, likely for the mounting of an astrolabe, and a bedroll for field survival. Note the non-standard shoulder plates.

Survey and cadastral mapping are an important function in the normal duties of a Reconnaissance Regiment in the 41st century. The mapping of celestial exploration is a tedious if often dangerous undertaking, but this process ultimately allows for proper administration and centralized tithing.

Adestre Incursion, 983. Voyage of the Phisolanka.
Year eighteen.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Voyage of the Myopy

Scout-Rifleman with No. 51 Company Uhlans; Rykali Subsector, Map Grid L, Harnoh Kingdom. Behind this soldier is a good shot of a Pelikan variant of the ChM Armored Transport, heavily laden with externally mounted supplies. 

The Pelikan has proved widely popular with motorized battalions, largely because of the durable Quatt and Sprigley R88 engine it is built around. It is not uncommon for a Quatt and Sprigley to go 200kl between rebuilds, or to run at temp/operational specs even after suffering catastrophic damage to the main spindle!

Voyage of the Myopy, late-880s. Year four or five.


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St. Geronimo's Gate

A Tank Liaison Officer approaching an LR68, carrying a portable coffee maker and a regulation pistol.

By his canvas greaves it can be assumed that this TLO is attached to a light skirmish unit, likely an Auxillary Picket. These units played a vital role in the attack on St. Geronimos Gate, where their ability to quickly form up and redeploy was utilized to great advantage.

Outside the Murg Outpost, Kalkovac. Mid-equinox, 981.

Voyage of the Bartlett Dereaux, year four.

Monday, November 5, 2012

1015 Company Light Hussars

Notary-Sergeant with 1015 Company Light Hussars clears his jammed rifle outside a Topple variant RHO Transport. 
Central continent, Irata; circa 955. 

Major elements of 302nd Wasteland Reconnaissance were landed on Irata to survey and secure crystite reserves in the midst of planetary vexation, mid 954. Allied suppression units deployed simultaneously to quash the unrest, a rebellion of smithore miners. 
Resolution was more or less immediate.

Voyage of the Fairing Embrant, year twenty-seven.


Sunday, November 4, 2012

968; The City of Dogs

Winter cycle, late 968. 

The City of Dogs.

Voyage of the Squire Tanaka, year twenty-two.

Friday, November 2, 2012