Friday, May 9, 2014

Forty Days of Robots: Day 32

They can be purloined, rewired, and sent back against us without us being any wiser.

Bio-cooked DTX Amsterdam Model 21 in attack mode, Tesulon Station, 929.

Voyage of the Gabion Orchard, Year Two.



  1. This looks absolutely fantastic! What's the setting?

  2. Thanks for sharing your inspiration and what drives you to make these guys. They really are great!

  3. Thanks Kieran, and I'm sorry that I missed your comment for a couple days. The setting is some far future which happens to be both grim, and dark.This is the story of the 302nd Wasteland Reconnaissance Regiment, from an industrial planet called Kalkovac.
    The 392nd a unit that is raised every five years under obligation, drafted, trained, and armed. An off-planet freighter arrives in orbit more or less on schedule and takes each iteration of the Regiment to their duty posting, fulfilling Kalkovac's contribution to an overall but vague military strategy that is distant and incomprehensible.

    Thanks for stopping by!


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