Monday, February 19, 2018

The Mechanical Journal of a Lost Expedition (21)

'Some voltage yet remained in this carriage, stripped by raiders.'


  1. Interesting bit of scenery! What do you like to source the parts from? Old kits, or is that a scratch build?

    1. Thank you, I'll salvage bits and pieces from anywhere I see them as long as they are:
      a.) made of material(s) that will take reliably take enamel primer and acrylic paint, and that will bond securely with the small range of adhesives that I like to work with. This means (generally) wood and paper products and plastics that are hard and brittle enough that I know that over time they won't lose the work that I've done to them, and--
      b.)do not contain materials that I can't identify (as in electronic parts, motors, and the like).

      I've had enough bad learning experiences with creating objects just don't hold up over time that I don't mess around with less-than-certain materials anymore. First and foremost I think it's important to keep in mind that these are all toys, and meant to be played with so they have to be built to stand up for themselves, while in their double life as sculptural objects should within reason be archival. Or at least toy archival.

      I use a lot of cardboard, old model pieces, copper tubing, broken toys, MDF, acrylic mediums, tea bags, little sticks from the coffee places, oil paint, Testor's DullCote, housings from light fixtures and cash registers to packaging and jewelry, Gorilla Glue, and architectural sheet plastic.


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