Thursday, February 14, 2019

Family, final


  1. Oh hey! The old plastic hybrid! That's a lovely conversion of what, as a consumate lover of the old, might be my least favorite old plastic miniature. (I have a couple myself. You've done a MUCH better job than I.) I really like where you went with this particular bug! The tentacles are inspired and the Tyranid bone-sword is an exceptionally nice touch. :)

    1. Why thank you, you're very kind to post. It is indeed a cumbersome model to work with, he's like an eel in a spacesuit. But it could be that the sculpt is so unreasonably ugly that it has a momentum all it's own. Some of the Squats range does the same for me.

    2. Space suited eel! A most apt description. It may be my least favorite, but I can't quite dislike it. And I confess, I do love the Squats. Even the really oddball ones.


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