Friday, October 16, 2015

Faction Six: The Amalgam Divisions (4)

Certainly the soldier's weapon, an advanced fission technology (AFT) rifle, would have been captured on the battlefield from an opposing force with much greater resources than the Amalgam Divisions.

His unusual helmet is of an unknown tribal design and function, and probably denotes the position and responsibility inherent with carrying such a priceless and powerful relic weapon.


  1. I bow to you... Oh bearer of thine awesome hat... and carrier of thine massive gun... May you vanquish all whom stand before your terrible visage... And may they tremble to see your hat of DOOM!
    ~ Grovel's in dirt and abases self respectfully ~

  2. A plasma rifle will do that to anyone, trust me. Even the bravest of men cower like hamsters.


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