Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Faction Six: The Amalgam Divisions

Six: these Divisions were formed from the indigenous population of the Amalgam peoples, a minority sect that has co-existed more or less peacefully on Kalkovac for several millenia.

There have been a long standing list of grievances that remain unaddressed for the Amalgam by their own estimation. Though poorly equipped and self-funded they are apt at civil war and stayed in the conflict through the end. 

Even now, some thirteen years after the armistice(s), there are significant units in the Stall Ranges that are holding out and refuse to capitulate. 


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  1. After thirteen years they must be being supplied by someone. Blackstar miners in all likelyhood, just to spite the Fishmonger's Guild. Just my opinion, you understand. There's no evidence. There's never any evidence.


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